The Umbrella Project Mental Health Awards & Scholarships

Throughout our lives, we will all be met with challenges and setbacks. It is important that we prepare for these inevitable days by learning how to improve our positive coping skills.

The Umbrella Project Mental Health Awards & Scholarships were created to recognize and celebrate students and educators who show us how to choose well-being by actively strengthening their coping skills and bravely taking on challenges we all face.

“We are constantly amazed by the stories we hear about students, teachers and schools using their umbrella of coping skills to weather the tough days, take on big challenges and help others do the same.  We have created the Mental Health Awards & Scholarships to recognize and celebrate those who are a demonstration of what positive coping looks like in action. We can’t wait to further support our community to take on life, no matter the weather!”

– Dr. Jen, Founder of The Umbrella Project

Awards & Scholarships

Educator Award: $1000CAD

School Community Award: $1000CAD

(2) Student Scholarship: Grade 1 – 8: $500CAD

(2) Student Scholarship: Grade 9 – 12: $500CAD

Applications open Monday, March 2, 2020 at 9:00am EST and close on Friday, April 10, 2020 at 11:59pm EST.

Winners will be announced via ceremony on Friday, May 15, 2020. Details to be announced at a further date.



  • Must be a legal Canadian citizen; and
  • Must be actively enrolled or employed (full-time or part-time) by a registered Canadian educational institution.

Qualified candidates for the Umbrella Project Mental Health Awards and Scholarships are eligible via nomination or personal application. To successfully apply for the Umbrella Project awards and scholarships, candidates must submit a short essay (1000-word max) or short video (5-minutes max) and a letter of support. Learn more below.

Steps to Apply

Step 1: Essay or Video Submission

Write a short essay (1000-word max) or create a short video (5-minutes max) about a social, emotional and/or physical challenge you, or the nominee, has personally experienced. Explain in detail how you applied positive coping skills and mental health strategies to overcome the challenge. Share how overcoming this challenge has empowered you to build your resilience and inspire others to proactively manage their mental health. Explain how winning this award/scholarship will empower you to invest in your personal development, mental health and/or the health of your community.

Step 2: Letter of Support

The letter of support is welcome to come from a peer, teacher or community member. In this letter of support, please provide a third party perspective on how the nominees were successful in overcoming their challenge, and how their actions have inspired others to choose well-being. We will not accept letters of support from an applicant’s parent or guardian. If you are nominating a friend or colleague for the award, you must provide a letter of support from an additional person.

The Umbrella Project Mental Health Awards & Scholarships are made possible by our partnership with: