As parents, we play a very important role in helping our children develop the skills they need to navigate life’s uncertainties.

The Umbrella Project is dedicated to helping you and your children learn these skills of emotional wellbeing in a fun, easy to implement way and helping you thrive in all of life’s weather.

The Umbrella Effect at Home

Downgrade the Rain

Learn to anticipate and expect rainy days to reframe how your family responds to challenges and opportunities for growth.

Build Your Own Umbrella

Proactively build coping skills to help your child navigate life’s obstacles with resilience.

Proactively Seek Challenges

Build confidence by intentionally finding opportunities to test and strengthen the power of your family’s umbrella.

Show your children how to be resilient and adaptable

Learn about your child’s unique coping strengths and weaknesses, and uncover parenting best practices and tips to help your family choose well-being, even on the rainy days.

Book a Well Child Visit 

Every child has a unique set of gifts, circumstances and support directly contributing to their well-being. Our well child visits are designed to evaluate all facets of well-being and create an individualized plan designed for parents and youth to develop strong physical and mental health. 

Well Child Visits can be conducted via video conferencing and in-person consultations.