Umbrella Project Practitioner Certification Training


Umbrella Project Practitioner Certification Training
Date: September 26-27, 2019
Time: 9am – 4pm (Sept 26 & 27)
Location: Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

A fundamental paradigm shift is essential to shifting the concerning trends in mental health and empowering our communities to choose wellbeing. Life isn’t always be sunny but we can be prepared for the inevitable rain of life with skills that have been shown to help us weather life’s challenges.

Behind the Umbrella Project is a core set of principles and practices proven to help individuals actively build resiliency and positive coping strategies to deal with the challenges of everyday life. This 2 day certification course led by Dr. Jen Forristal will equip Naturopathic Doctors with the knowledge, strategies and tools to integrate research based mental health interventions into your practice, and empower patients to develop the positive coping skills to overcome challenge and adversity.



DAY 1: The Umbrella Effect – September 26th
Build a deep understanding of the current landscape of mental health in schools, the workplace and home. Uncover the principles of the Umbrella Effect and discover how practitioners can empower their patients to reframe their perception of challenges and affirm an internal locus of control. Learn how to use a practitioner Umbrella Assessment tool to help patients holistically assess their current coping skills.

DAY 2: Building Your Umbrella – September 27th
After learning how to conduct clinical Umbrella Assessments, Day 2 creates the opportunity to begin using the Umbrella Skill Reference Guide to prescribe practical research based interventions to strengthen patient emotional well-being and coping skills. Discover how to share your own Umbrella Project stories to become a demonstration the Umbrella Effect and inspire positive behavioural change.

* All Certified Umbrella Project Practitioners are granted a 1 year license to access clinical resources and tools. After the first year practitioners pay a $450+HST/year renewal fee.

** Program tuition includes light snacks and refreshments. Travel and accommodations are not included.