Introducing… The Umbrella Project Parenting Community!


Parenting requires a steady level of attention in order to help our children develop into strong, healthy and happy individuals. This parenting community is built with you in mind, and is designed to help you find clarity and focus, connect with others and renew the fun in parenting through simplifying your efforts.

Through The Umbrella Project Parenting Community, you will find support and guidance to: 

– Uncover new understanding about healthy coping skills

– Focus your efforts on the coping skills your child(ren) needs the most support in

– Engage in deeper conversations with your child(ren) 

– Develop a long term approach to your parenting style 

– Connect and engage with other parents

– Become more confident in your approach to fostering well-being in your home

Umbrella Parenting 101 Course


Don’t have a lot of time? Register for Umbrella Parenting 101. In this foundational course, you will be given the tools to assess your child’s coping skills and learn where to focus your attention. With this purchase, you will gain immediate access to video lessons from Dr. Jen, practical worksheets, and other simple strategies and tools to help build your child’s coping skills. You will come out of this course with a knowledge of the 18 Umbrella Skills, a strong understanding of how your child is doing, and what you can do to help support their well-being without compromising your own.

Show your children how to be resilient and adaptable

Learn about your child’s unique coping strengths and weaknesses, and uncover parenting best practices and tips to help your family choose well-being, even on the rainy days.

Learn About Building Your Child’s Umbrella

Download our free 25 Day Umbrella Skills Challenge! Click the link below to receive the Challenge! For grades K-6 & 7-12.

Book a Well Child Visit 

Every child has a unique set of gifts, circumstances and support directly contributing to their well-being. Our well child visits are designed to evaluate all facets of well-being and create an individualized plan designed for parents and youth to develop strong physical and mental health. 

Well Child Visits can be conducted via video conferencing and in-person consultations.