The Umbrella Effect

Your Guide to Raising Strong, Adaptable Kids in a Stressful World

There is a 100% chance of rain in your child’s life…

And they need a strong umbrella to weather it!

The Umbrella Effect shows you how to help them build an umbrella of positive coping skills and life-long well-being.


With The Umbrella Effect you will:

    Encourage healthy habits and choices without becoming a ‘helicopter parent’

    Embrace challenges your child faces and risky moves they make

    Show your child Umbrella Skills in action through your own behavior

    Point out and praise your child’s strengths

    Judge when to step in with your umbrella of protection and when to hang back

    Start 'uncomfortable' conversations with your kids.


    Identify and explore the deeper roots of your child’s ‘misbehavior’

    Define your family culture and community

    Boost your child’s confidence without them depending on you for validation

    Shift your focus from your child’s external achievements to meaningful social and emotional progress

    The Umbrella Effect book takes you step-by-step through how to strengthen positive coping skills in yourself and your kids.

    The Umbrella Effect is designed to be an easy read for busy parents.

    With short chapters, clear examples, actionable steps, and word-for-word conversation starters to use with your kids — this is a book you can easily pick up and put down throughout the day and reference when life’s weather gets rainy.

    No matter how old your child is — or how old you are — it’s the perfect time to bring The Umbrella Effect into your lives.

    Because our most powerful opportunity to support our kids is right NOW.

    Ultimately our children will grow up and become responsible for themselves. And we get to help them build their own umbrella of skills to take on life’s obstacles, develop their identities, and find purpose in life.

    The Umbrella Effect uses a series of principles and a breakdown of the Umbrella Skills to teach you how to compassionately guide your child while improving your positive coping skills, too!

    You’ll find specific help on things like how to support your child in being authentic and responsible on social media and how to hold space for your child through the ‘sucks but normal’ moments of life.

    “Safety is not the absence of threat; it is the presence of connection.”
    – Gabor Mate

    Inside The Umbrella Effect you will find:

    The 19 principles of Umbrella Parenting

    A quick-reference guide to the 18 Umbrella Skills

    Real-life and relatable stories and skill examples

    Conversation starters to make bringing the Umbrella Effect into your family’s life extra easy!

    The 18 Umbrella Skills you’ll find inside The Umbrella Effect: Empathy Gratitude Growth Mindset Mindfulness Kindess Intrinsic Motivation Authenticity Grit Self-Efficacy Resilience Purpose Autonomy Cognitive Flexibility Self-Compassion Realistic Optimism Integrity Healthy Lifestyle Mastery