Our Research

Research is important to us at The Umbrella Project, both as we build the curriculum and ensure its effectiveness.


The Umbrella Project metaphor and curriculum is built based on the most current research on coping with adversity and building mental well-being. It is built on:

Positive Priming

Obstacles and opportunities are often the same things. By repeatedly looking for the umbrella skills in our environment, we can change what our brains do when faced with obstacles.

Inquiry-based learning

To best use the skills of well-being we need to approach them with curiosity and interest and gain insight into how they can work for others and ourselves.

Role Modelling

Role models have the power to shift a child’s self-perception. We give students the chance to learn the skills of well-being through the stories of their community, their peers, and their families.

Why an umbrella?

Each of the Umbrella Skills has been selected based on the extensive research available on it’s protective effect for our mental health.

We are extremely grateful to the multitude of researchers who dedicate their careers to studying emotional well-being and are proud to reflect their work through our program.

If you are interested in a full list of Umbrella Project references please reach out to us directly at admin@umbrellaproject.co.


The Umbrella Project has partnered with Trent University to research and study the program impact in schools across Ontario. Working directly with Trent University’s Emotion Lab under the supervision of Dr. Jim Parker, The Umbrella Project has been proven to have a statistically significant impact on improving student emotional intelligence, adaptability, interpersonal skills, and stress management. The impact of The Umbrella Project was found universally across all boards, schools, grades, and genders studied.

The Umbrella Project will continue conducting research with Trent University to uncover opportunities to improve program impact. This year we will also look at the impact of delivering The Umbrella Project social-emotional learning curriculum has on educator well-being and mental health.

Review our most recent research paper here.

If you are interested in researching The Umbrella Project, reach out!