'Rainy Days'

are better with The Umbrella Project.

We equip kids, parents, and educators with positive social and emotional coping skills to help them live confident, healthy, and meaningful lives in the face of life’s uncertainties and struggles.



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The Umbrella Project has reached

100,000+ Students

150,000+ Parents

6,000+ Educators


There is no ‘if’ about whether children will face challenges, there’s only WHEN!
And WHEN they do, how will they respond?

Kids with a full umbrella of coping skills:

  • respond with grit, resilience, and empathy.
  • show kindness to others while still caring for themselves.
  • are intrinsically motivated to reach their goals while practicing self-compassion when they fall short of their own expectations.
  • actively practice mindfulness and gratitude.
  • contribute to healthy families, schools, and communities.

A child’s umbrella is made up of things they CAN CONTROL in the face of circumstances that they CAN’T – and they need YOU to help them learn how to strengthen their umbrella skills!


We provide parents and educators with books, courses, workshops, curriculums, professional development, and more.

When you join the Umbrella Project as a parent or educator, you’ll learn how to help kids grow and trust their own umbrellas, support kids in proactively looking for challenges, and even get kids excited about testing their limits.

The Umbrella Effect is a way to keep the end goal in mind. It’s a way to put into perspective the meaning and purpose behind the seemingly difficult and hurtful times. To keep our own well-being in mind as critical to our children’s. To understand what our children need next to keep building on an umbrella of protection that will help them navigate life.”

What’s possible with The Umbrella Project?

Improve relationships

with peers and family to enrich circles of support in kids’ lives

Reduce stress

and conflict at home and at school while increasing emotional intelligence

Increase adaptability

when faced with uncertainty

Build positive coping skills

and well-being in your family, school, or community.

Elevate confidence

with strengths-based education and coping skill competence

We believe that...
Challenges are inevitable Change is unpredictable Well-being is a skill Coping takes practice

and YOU can equip your kids to live confident, healthy, and meaningful lives in the face of life’s uncertainties and struggles.

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