It’s raining hard out there. To weather the storm, we all need our umbrellas.

The Umbrella Project wants to acknowledge all the educators, parents, students, essential and front-line care providers working hard to adapt and keep us all safe and healthy. We also want to recognize those doing their part by staying home, in spite of the risk to their financial health, businesses and their families long term well-being. We really are all in this together. 

We are deeply committed to helping our society build the coping skills that help us weather times just like these and we are so proud of how everyone is stepping up. We’ve seen skills, such as Cognitive Flexibility, being put into action as people sew masks, make ventilators from items in ready supply and pivot their businesses to help as needed. We’ve seen daily acts of Kindness as people look out for their neighbours who might be isolated or alone, cheer on their balconies for front-line workers and paint rocks around the neighbourhood with messages of hope and thanks.  We’ve seen Gratitude in every person who is trying to shift their focus to what they have instead of what they are missing and Grit in every business trying to stay afloat in what is surely one of the most difficult times faced for most of them.  Thank you all for being a demonstration of how the Umbrella Skills play a critical role in protecting our wellbeing. Without them, we would be facing an insurmountable struggle.

In a time when there is much we can’t control,  we want to help you focus on what you can. We encourage you to take our Umbrella Assessment to check in with your well-being and put focus into the Umbrella Skills that need a little more attention during this time. If you’re comfortable, share your strongest Umbrella Skills and the skill you want to work on using the hashtag #MyUmbrella on your social media.

Continue to #WeatherTheStorm. We’re in this together.

Wellbeing is a skill.

In fact, it is a collection of skills that can be taught to children.
Each skill forms a piece of an umbrella that protects us from the rain of life.

This Month’s Skill


Realistic optimism mixes the belief that good things will happen with the knowledge that obstacles are a part of life and should be prepared for. It helps us link our dreams to the steps we will need to take to achieve them and helps us create a plan. Success can be challenging and if we defeat ourselves in our minds with a negative outlook before we get started it can really hurt our chances of reaching our goals.

For Teachers

Empower your students to anticipate and prepare for life’s rainy days

The Umbrella Project is a teacher-led curriculum and school based program created to help teachers, students and parents reframe our perception of challenges and strengthen the skills of well-being to positively cope with the everyday stresses of life.

For You

Lead by example to inspire others to use their umbrellas.

Everyone has a unique umbrella shaped by the experiences of life. Some are big. Some are small. Others have holes, or have been forgotten at home. Below is an assessment you can use to better understand your umbrella and uncover opportunities to proactively develop your coping skills.