Well-Being Pop UP 

September 2021: Riding the Waves

The Well-Being Pop UP is a customizable well-being conference to anchor the school year for students in Grade 7-10.

Complete with 5 hours of relevant speakers and interactive classroom activities, it is built with connection and practical application in mind.
The content will acknowledge the challenges of uncertainty, isolation and worry that youth are experiencing and will focus on providing them with information and useful tools to better ‘ride the waves’, reconnect and re-engage with their activities and communities.

Show your students that their well-being is your priority.

This promotional video was created by Ria, a Grade 12 student at Resurrection Catholic Secondary School, and Umbrella Project Coop student.

Why Now?

Grade 7-10 students are at a stage of life that has always been tricky to navigate, but the challenges they are facing are even greater now. Strong feelings of isolation, worry and uncertainty are huge influences in the astounding increase of anxiety, depression, self-harm and eating disorders in our youth.

We believe we need to anchor the school year by acknowledging the need for hope, the ever changing landscape of mental health, and recognizing the uncertainty that has been so prevalent.

It’s time to normalize conversations about well-being and remind ourselves that 100% of people have experienced difficult feelings. We believe that by creating the space for students to connect with each other, have conversations, and learn about how others have overcome obstacles in their lives we can inspire them to ride the waves in their own lives.

The theme of ‘Riding the Waves’ will dig into how we can learn to ride the waves rather than resist them, and how to purposefully recover even when unexpected waves crash all around us.

Partner Organizations


This initiative is in partnership with a carefully curated group of mental health organizations within Ontario including Recess Guardians, Moving EDGEucation, YouthTALK/Canadian Mental Health Waterloo-Wellington, and Dream Walkers.

Content for this Pop UP will be anchored by the principles of The Umbrella Project and will be supported by activities and speakers from our partners.

Our 30 minute activities will be practical and interactive with the goal of getting students moving, talking, and connecting. Each activity will end with an exploration of how to use what they’ve learned in their day to day lives, as well as reflection and discussion questions.


Christine Sinclair

Christine Sinclair is the most successful soccer player to ever compete for Canada. She has accumulated more than 185 international goals, making her the highest scoring player – man or woman – in the world. She is also the active leader in international caps with 300 and counting. She’s known for her grit and humble character as much as her exceptional talent. Off the soccer pitch, Sinclair is an ambassador for the MS Society of Canada and vocal advocate for gender equality. In this session, recorded just after the 2021 Olympic Games, she describes the team work, passion as well as the obstacles she has had to overcome in her sport and in life.

Deja Foxx

Deja Foxx is 21 years old and leading thought at the intersection of social justice and social media. She is the founder of GenZ Girl Gang, a student at Columbia University, and a Digital Creator with Ford Models who got her start advocating for reproductive justice after experiencing homelessness in her teenage years. At just 19, she worked for Kamala Harris as the Influencer and Surrogate Strategist and became one of the youngest presidential campaign staffers in modern history. In this session, Dr. Jen interviews Deja about her coping strategies, online health and the power and importance of developing a strong community.

Wali Shah

Wali Shah is a Canadian speaker, poet, musician and philanthropist. In this session, Wali shares his own story and discusses the power of art, and creative expression, and it’s role in bringing change to the world. Through poetry and storytelling, Wali shares the power of standing strong together, being the change and leading by example to break negative cycles and support each other.

Asante Haughton

Passionate about positive social change, equality, and mental health, Asante Haughton has dedicated himself to endeavours aimed at building stronger communities. He is a poet, front-line worker, group facilitator, community outreach worker, researcher, and a speaker. He aims to deliver a message of social awareness, social justice, community betterment, and above all, hope.

Musical Performances

Paige Warner

In this singer-songwriter style performance, Paige Warner shares her original music and provides a look into her songwriting process and the experiences that shaped the songs. Paige shares an uplifting song that puts to words her feelings of being an ‘outsider’ and wondering what an ‘average human’ must feel like, a song that portrays the struggle of leaving behind unhealthy habits, and another that was written during the pandemic about missing family and childhood. Enjoy a casual and honest look into Paige Warner’s music.


South Carolina Native Singer/Songwriter CammWess approaches music masterfully combining soul, blues, and hip hop to convey his tak on POP with his unique sound and colourful vocal pallet. He wowed audiences performing “Earned it” during his blind audition on season 18 of The Voice securing his position as a finalist. CammWess has written new original songs that he will showcase at this event, and is looking forward to sharing about his journey with the students.

What is a Pop UP?

A Pop UP is 5+ hours of carefully curated content relevant to supporting and sustaining positive coping skills and built using input from students themselves.

It includes:

  • Speaker Sessions
  • Interactive Classroom Activities
  • Q & A Discussion
  • Suggested Conference Schedule
  • Educator Guidelines

The content is downloadable and can be customized, allowing schools to share what they feel is the most relevant to their needs. All conference material has been built with educators in mind, making it extremely easy to execute in classrooms.

Various Umbrella Skills will be highlighted throughout this conference as tools for positive coping.

Through this virtual well-being conference, students will:

  • hear inspiring stories of overcoming and giving back
  • understand the benefit of a proactive approach to strengthening their coping skills
  • have opportunity to join the conversation
    receive tools to address uncertainty
  • create a personalized recovery plan

Well-Being Pop UP

$550 CAD


Includes over 5 hours of well-being content
Speaker sessions
Interactive classroom activities
Q & A Discussion
Suggested conference schedule
Educator guidelines
1 school license


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All content will be delivered through Kajabi, and released on September 1, 2021.
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About the host, Dr. Jen Forristal , Bsc, ND

Founder of The Umbrella Project Dr. Jen Forristal, BSc, ND is the CEO of The Umbrella Project and a Naturopathic Doctor with a primary focus on pediatric mental health. Dr. Jen trains medical professionals, educators, and parents to proactively assess and develop the skills needed to cope with life’s inevitable challenges.

What is the Umbrella Project?


We develop sustainable, research-based tools for schools and families to anticipate life’s challenges and support the proactive development of positive coping skills. We take an inquiry-based approach to mental health and encourage curiosity and interest in order to gain insight into the skills that help us thrive.

Building the Umbrella Skills has a deep and profound impact on the children, families, and schools we work with and provides them with a growing layer of protection against life’s rainy days.

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