Contest: #BuildYourUmbrella with us this Spring!

Contest: #BuildYourUmbrella with us this Spring!

March is here and the kids will soon be wearing muddy boots, rain coats, and dancing in the rain.

As we prepare for this joyful spring season, we are inviting educators, parents, and communities to enter our exciting March contest.

Comment on any of our Instagram (@umbrellapjct) posts with the hashtag #BuildYourUmbrella. Entries will be accepted until March 31st 2019 at midnight.

Share with us how you are building resilience and wellbeing for your family. For example: you can let us know what your favourite Umbrella Skill is or how you’re actively building your umbrella this season.

We will be selecting one lucky winner to receive a beautiful, hand painted doorskin by our friends at The Libella Project. The Libella Project recognizes the washroom as a space of safety and peace for students in troubled times. They are working to make the washroom an even more supportive space by painting positive messages on the bathroom stalls.

Learn more on their website HERE.

Using Mistakes as a Parenting Tool

Using Mistakes as a Parenting Tool

Download a PDF copy of this infographic by clicking HERE. Infographic text is below.

‘I lost my temper. What I said was wrong. I interrupted you.  I misunderstood what you were trying to say. I wasn’t listening….’   Mistakes!! They’re everywhere.

As parents, there is a common misconception that we always need to be right and perfect in the eyes of our children. Let’s face it… nobody loves making mistakes. Not owning our feelings, good and bad, can actually make us quite unapproachable and falsely give our kids the impression that they are not good enough in our eyes when they fail, make mistakes, or have big feelings.

Simply saying ‘I’m sorry. I lost my temper. That’s not how I wanted to react’ can powerfully demonstrate to your child that it’s normal to have moments like this.

Here are a few of the ways that admitting fault, taking ownership and sharing how we get through mistakes can be a strong parenting tool. It can have some profound benefits when it comes to your child’s well-being:

  1. Your child will see that it is OK to make mistakes and to take ownership for them.
  2. Your child will believe you more when you empathize with them and your bond with them will strengthen.
  3. Your child will learn that there are sunny days on the other side of rainy ones.
  4. You won’t have to instruct your child how to be resilient.  They will have a great example right in front of them.
  5. You increase the chances your child will learn from their own mistakes instead of externalizing them.
A Grateful Gift – Grab your copy of The Holistic Parent Today!

A Grateful Gift – Grab your copy of The Holistic Parent Today!

With the approach of the holidays, The Holistic Parent magazine has released its 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! Dr. Jen’s article on Gratitude over the holidays is included on page 10.

Read the Online Version of The Holistic Parent HERE


You can pick up your free copy of this fantastic magazine at any one of their community partner locations. See the list of those locations here, or follow them on social media (@holisticparentmag).

Today’s Tip with Dr. Jen: Peers and Your Child’s Wellbeing

Today’s Tip with Dr. Jen: Peers and Your Child’s Wellbeing

Today, Dr. Jen talks about a critical element of your child’s wellbeing – their peers! All day, every day, your child receives subtle cues and messages from the people around them.

Children’s wellbeing is a collective effort. Share some of your favourite tips, share this video, and encourage other people in your life to model wellbeing skills.