This month, I was honoured to launch the Umbrella Project at a new school that really embraces student wellbeing, the Holy Name of Mary Catholic School. Part way through the launch assembly, we spoke to an incredible student.

Brock, a 10 year old from this school, has recently undergone a liver transplant at Sick Kids Hospital and was able to leave the hospital after only 9 days. A new record for them!!  The whole school celebrated with him over Skype as he prepared to return home.  Brock was determined to create a new record for recovery time and used so many skills in his umbrella including resilience, optimism, grit and purpose to accomplish this incredible task.  We joked that we weren’t sure his giant umbrella would fit in the school when he gets back.

The research shows that hearing stories of others using resilience helps us become more resilient.  Everybody in the school gym that day learned what it looks like to be resilient and how to grow from life’s toughest challenges. Thank you Brock for making everyone you know a bit stronger!!