Ask your child these three simple questions to assess their growth mindset.


Growth Mindset Assessment

  1. I can greatly change how good I am at almost anything by practicing
  2. I prefer hard challenges over easy ones
  3. I believe I can improve my intelligence through hard work


Have your child give themselves a score between 0 and 3 for each question, on the following scale:


0 – Very seldom or not true of me

1 – Seldom true of me

2 – Often true of me

3 – Almost always true of me


What’s next?  If your child is using their growth mindset, keep nurturing it with all the tips we have shared this month.

If your child is struggling with this one, don’t give up!  It can take time for children to replace old coping strategies with new ones.

If you need a little extra guidance, my office door is always open and I’m happy to help you find the best plan for your child. Connect with Dr. Jen here!

Featured image by Ben White on Unsplash.