It’s hard to believe that December is here already. We’re excited because this month is all about building a really important and often neglected skill for your child, cognitive flexibility.

Anybody else concerned with the amount of uncertainty that exists for our kid’s future?  The world is changing so quickly, making it hard for us to predict what the world will be like for our children when they grow up. What kind of jobs will be available?  What skills will they need for those jobs?  I can’t give you all the answers, but I can tell you that cognitive flexibility is near the top of this list.


What is cognitive flexibility?


Cognitive flexibility is our ability to change our strategies when we face new and unexpected situations.  It’s our brains capacity to make sense of the unfamiliar, to pivot and thrive in uncertainty.   It’s important for innovating, coming up with new ideas and solving problems, and is essential to creativity.  It also helps us accept and understand people and situations that are different from ours.

Life doesn’t always follow a predictable pattern; cognitive flexibility helps us navigate this uncertainty and feel like we have more options when faced with challenges. As things change around us, we need to change in order to maintain our wellbeing.

This month we can’t wait to walk you through this cool skill and help you find ways to flex this part of your child’s brain.


Featured image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.