“I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I know I can.”

― Watty PiperThe Little Engine That Could


At Sandowne Public School in Waterloo, something exciting is happening for parents, teachers, and every single student in its hallways.

Their umbrellas are growing, and even better – they’re learning to dance in the rain by drawing upon umbrella skills such as self-efficacy, kindness, resilience, grit, and many more!

I was blown away by the creativity and deep level of insight demonstrated by this school community when I visited. I had the pleasure to attending one of their monthly Umbrella Project Celebrations. In these school-wide gatherings, students are acknowledged by peers for their expanding umbrella skills.

These incredible students brought to life some powerful umbrella skills and had no problem mastering this month’s skill, self-efficacy (a tricky one that they had never seen before). We are so thrilled by your growth, and how you support each other through your journeys. Keep it up!!