“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.” ― JK Rowling

Welcome to November at the Umbrella Project!! Last month we dove into building a sense of Gratitude and this month we are shifting our focus to a skill that helps us persevere in the face of challenges, Grit!

Does your child give up easily when things get tough? Do they fear failure or take it very personally?

Grit is the skill that helps us persevere towards the long-term goals we are passionate about.

Excellence in anything we do requires commitment, hard work and lots of bumps in the road. To be successful and happy we need to learn to take failures in stride and not give up when we get to the hard parts. Grit helps us take on a practice mindset, knowing that our perseverance will pay off in time. It can help us set important goals and the overcome obstacles in our way, even on the toughest days.

In every type of work or school subject, grit can be as important to our success as talent or intelligence and is an important piece of a complete umbrella of wellbeing.