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Practice is a big part of building grit. In order to work towards goals, we need to get really good at practice. Practicing well is not simply doing the same thing over and over again. When we practice this way, we often miss the opportunities for improvement and instead reinforce small mistakes that become habit.

Instead of this mindless practice, teach your children to be deliberate with their learning. When your child is practicing something, help them follow this 4 step process:

    1. Break down the challenge into smaller pieces.
    2. Identify a spot of weakness.
    3. Try different strategies to improve that part.
    4. Integrate the new learning back into the big picture.

This has multiple effects on your child, including making their weaknesses feel more manageable and preventing them from getting stuck when they face challenges.

Many children feel the need to hide and cover up weaknesses instead of accepting them as a normal part of growth and learning. Perfection isn’t normal. We all have things that come more easily to us and areas that take more time, effort and thought. Through deliberate practice, we can help our children feel more empowered in their learning journey.