Here’s the best thing you can do this holiday season to help your kids with their brain flexibility – I promise, it’s fun!

This holiday season I have one piece of well-researched advice that I think you’re going to like: Have as much fun as possible.

Being in a positive mood increases our open mindedness and therefore our cognitive flexibility. A positive mood helps us broaden our sense of what’s possible and try new things. This allows us to build new skills that will be helpful in other parts of our lives long after the positive mood has passed.

It’s a real phenomenon in psychology called the “broaden and build” theory. Have you ever tried to convince a child to try a new food or activity when they are in a bad mood? I’m sure you can see how this one works!

The more times you are in a positive mood, the more you will try, the more new skills you will build, and the better equipped you will be for the future.

Keep this principle in mind while finishing (or starting) your holiday shopping. All this week I will be sharing dual purpose holiday gifts that will build brain flexibility for your child while improving positive feelings. A double win for cognitive flexibility!!!