Happy New Year from the Umbrella Project!

We want to start the new year by expressing how truly grateful we are for all of you: the parents, caregivers, educators and friends who work with us to build the umbrella of wellbeing skills that children need to embrace a life with all kinds of weather.

We couldn’t make these positive changes in childhood wellbeing without you. Thank you for sharing this project with your children and the people around you.

To kick off 2018, we want to start with an exciting skill – one that will help your kids feel proud of who they are and embrace their unique and powerful gifts this year. That skill is AUTHENTICITY.

What is Authenticity?

Authenticity is the ability to be our genuine selves, staying true to our values and beliefs even under pressure, while still adapting to the world around us. Authenticity comes from having actions that match the words we say and not trying to be someone else to impress others. It’s very difficult to feel unconditionally loved and accepted without this critical skill.

Research shows that authenticity helps kids stand up for what they think is right, which reduces bullying and social stress. As parents, we can do a lot this year to work against the concerning trends in childhood mental health just by helping kids embrace and feel confident in their true selves.

With increased authenticity also comes increased self-confidence and trustworthiness, characteristics that will help your children create strong and lasting friendships which we know to be critical to their long-term wellbeing.

Check in often this month for tips and tools that will help you identify and build this great skill in your children!